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UHC Day 2022

UHC Day 2022

Each year, 12th December commemorates a significant step and initiative made to work equitable health coverage.  Universal Health Coverage Day (UHC) marks the date to call on our leaders to make key investments and accelerated effort towards “Health for All”. Kenya’s road to UHC seems set. Today Kenya is reported to have the best healthcare system in East Africa.  However, in counties like Bungoma, access to quality and affordable care is lacking.

UHC Day Bungoma offered an impactful platform to address different Health stakeholders and the community on equitable and affordable healthcare. One key take-away for the county government was the need for every ward to have a complete and upgraded dispensary. Additionally, the initiative to allow the youth to play a major part in UHC was impactful. Advocacy by the youth was energetic, informed, creative and attractive.

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