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Stage Media Arts (SMA) is a legally registered community-based organization formed in 2002. At its inception, the organization was a talent-based group in Bungoma county aimed at promoting and nurturing talents of young people. Over the years, we expanded our scope and registered in 2008 under the Ministry of Gender, Children, and social department in Bungoma County with a new focus to empower the community, build capacity and promote Sexual Reproductive Health & Rights (SRHR) services and uptake among the youth. Currently, SMA has a team of 7 staff who work full time to achieve its objectives and implement projects.



We joined Bungoma Reproductive, Maternal Neonatal Adolescent and Child Health (RMNCAH) Network in 2019. As a member of the Bungoma RMNCAH Network, we pursue advocacy in three priority areas guided by the steps to change model. These priority issues include 1] establishing functional youth friendly centres to curb teenage pregnancies 2] strengthen the weak referral systems and 3] improve access to ANC attendance for improved pregnancy outcomes. Since the year 2021, we have been on the frontline in advocating for increased investment in Primary Health Care (PHC).

In 2021, we joined Bungoma County Child rights Network which is a child protection and safeguarding network that aims to keep children safe from harm- including violence, physical and sexual abuse, exploitation, neglect, among other protection issues. During our community session we noticed Anecdotal evidence that indicates that these cases are on the rise, and more cases were recorded particularly during the era of COVID-19 pandemic